Types Of Solar Water Heating Systems

Types Of Solar Water Heating Systems
There are two types of solar water heating systems:

Active Solar Water Heating System

Active solar heating systems can further be sub-divided into two types:

• Direct circulation pumps — in this case the pumps channel the household water throughout the home through the solar collectors. This system works well especially in places where the climate is not freezing.

• Indirect circulation systems — here the pumps circulate the non-freezing heat-transfer fluid through the heat exchanger and the collectors. In this way the water gets heated up and is supplied throughout the home. They are well-appreciated in very cold (read freezing) climatic zones.

Passive Solar Water Heating System

They are less expensive compared to the active systems, but naturally their efficiency is compromised. The passive systems, however, are more reliable and durable. The types of passive systems are:

• Integral collector-storage passive systems — works well in homes specially having significant amounts of daytime and evening hot-water requirements. Also ideal in conditions where the temperature generally doesn’t fall below the freezing point.

• Thermosyphon systems — in this system, the water flows when the warm water being warm, rises and the cold water sinks down. In this system you must install the collectors just below the storage tank. This will ensure that the warm water rises up into the tank. This is a reliable system. However, the roof design must be efficiently adapted to hold up the heavy storage tank.

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