Thermodynamic Water Heating Panel System – Dundee – Angus – Scotland

Thermodynamic Water Heating Panel System – Dundee – Angus – Scotland
Update – 28 May 2015 – It only tooks us 16 years to find that the hot water feed to our mixer shower had a small plastic filter looking device in the pipe – this was restricting the amount of hot water making it to the mixer. We now have the mains fed hot shower we envisaged – my life is now complete … and much cleaner.

Update – 05 January 2015 – Decided to buy some (water) heating oil for the first time in 20 months (as the price is good) – to refill the tank it took only 600 litres. With the oil price so low the real benefit of this system is reduced for us but it is still great to see our carbon footprint reduced so much.

Update – 14 July 2013 – was on vacation for a week and left system on to see how much it would use in ‘tick over’ – 1 kw/h per day. Put anti-legionella ‘boost’ on to see how much that uses – 2.12 kw/h – it only stayed on for 10 minutes as the water in the tank was already hot.

Update – 13 June 2013 – Wattage used by system has increased to 700 W/h but overall usage is lower – 14 units of electricity used by the system THIS WEEK ! … READ MORE BELOW.

Our system was supplied and installed on 7th January 2013 by Solar Electricity Systems (Springhill Parkway, Glasgow). RHI payments still to be decided by Energy Council but those will be backdated to us once they come on stream. Without RHI I will honestly say this has been well worth doing – knowing you can shower without the water going cold, being able to actually fill a bath, etc … simple things that really stress you out when they don’t work properly.

Without any RHI moneys I calculate that with the saving on heating oil of £500 per annum our system will be paid off in 11 years … lets say 12 years to cover the electricity costs in use. The system uses 580 watts per hour when the compressor is running so the figure you see online of water heating for 33p per day is about right if the system is running for four hours.

I have put my system on a timer so it is only ‘allowed’ to heat the water during daylight hours between 10am and 5pm when we should be getting some solar electricity generated (thanks to EJBH1360 for that tip – see comments).

Very impressed so far.

For more info see a sales pitch video:

Update – 27 April 2013 – Week on week as weather warms up the system is using less electricity per week – currently using 18KW/h PER WEEK (down from 21 a month ago). By comparison: to heat our hot water per day costs the same as running a 10KW shower for just 18 minutes.

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