Old Oil-Fired Steam Heating System

Old Oil-Fired Steam Heating System
Originally recorded November 29, 2014.

Don’t know too much about this system. It’s steam, yet there’s a circulator pump.

The boiler looks to be original to the house (1920’s), it was originally coal, but converted to fuel oil, I’d say late 50’s to early 60’s. I’d venture to say the burner lasted up until about 10 years ago, until it was replaced with this Carlin burner.

I was once shown this unit while operating, which is one of the main reasons I dislike oil burners. The boiler has fireproof doors on the front that used to be able to open. The door was opened to show me the flame, and what a roaring, ferocious fire it was. Certainly not the the quiet, calm, controlled nice blue gas flame I’m used to.

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