Heat-On Heating Systems – far infrared heating explained

Heat-On Heating Systems – far infrared heating explained
Heat-On far infrared heaters can be installed directly to the ceiling or as can be seen here they are suspended down to a more optimum height around 3.0m above the floor.

The heaters are not directly space heating the air. What the heaters are actually doing is transferring thermal heating energy into the floor and surrounding walls. Once enough heat energy is absorb by the building and it’s furnishings – its the floor and the walls that actually heat and increase the ambient room temperature. This all happens very quickly as the invisible heating waves travel at the speed of light.

The benefits of having the heaters suspended lower is that the required system output capacity is reduced. For example this is a 92m2 room with 4.5m high ceilings and we are able to heat it with only 75W/m2. This is a total output of only 6.9kW per room or 28Amps.

This is a very efficient and effective way of space heating especially for large areas with high ceilings.

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