Daewoo Enertec Alternative Energy Ondol Heating System – Korean Style Floor Heating System

Daewoo Enertec Alternative Energy Ondol Heating System – Korean Style Floor Heating System

Since its establishment in 2033, Daewoo Enertec has aimed at developing an alternative energy source heating system based on the Korean Traditional Ondol Heating System.

Korean Traditional Ondol Heating system used hot air coming from burning wood under the floor. Taking this idea, modern ondol systems use electricity to create an electric floor heating system that can reduces your oil and gas expenses and prevents global warming by not generating carbon dioxide. The comfort and warmth produced by this system has had worldwide appeal, becoming quite popular throughout the world.

Our different ondol heating systems offer the affordable luxury of warm floors at a reduced utility cost and maximized energy efficiency.

– Electric Heating hot Water X-L Pipe: Innovative heating system that uses heat and increased pressure generated by heating the sealed X-L pipe without boiler and water circulation motor which pumps water circulated in the pipe.

– Heating cable: Heating system that utilizes heat conduction and radiant heat for indoor climate control. Heat can be provided by electric cables instead of a boiler or water circulation motor. Easy installation.

– Far Infrared Rays Film Heating System: Enerpia infrared rays heating film is produced by an accurate printing technology that coats carbon on PET film to radiate heat. The film is so strong it requires the use of scissors to be cut, and the material has been heat-treated for temperatures over 150 degrees.
This film is ideal for rapid heating as it requires only a short period of time to heat the floor and room.

– Underfloor Heating Cable Mat: The cable mat floor heating system has a construction and installation method that does not require any special tools and is quickly stuck to a clean subfloor using the attached adhesive strips. The installation is very simple, making it an ideal DYI or Trade Kit without requirements or experience for planning their layouts.

– Snow Melting Cable: An automatic snow removing and anti-freezing system for winter. This cutting-edge snow and ice removing device reduces the damage of building and guarantees the safety of people, vehicles and buildings.

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