ANSWERED: How does a Hydronic Underfloor Slab Heating System Work?

ANSWERED: How does a Hydronic Underfloor Slab Heating System Work?
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In this video i’m going to demonstrate how a hydronic slab floor heating system works.


A centrally located thermostat which displays the date, time and current temperature is the brains behind the system. For demonstration purposes if i increase the temperature above the current temperature the thermostat is going to call for heat to the hydronic heating system, indicated by the flame icon.

In this case the Immergas internal hydronic heating gas boiler is going to turn on much like an instantaneous hot water system. By burning gas it transfers heat energy into the ware. With slab heating the boiler is set to heat up the water to raise the water temperature to 50C. The boiler has an internal pump which circulates the hot water through the flow and return pipes.

The flow and return pipes are then connected to a manifold. The size of the manifold is determined by the size of your slab. Each circuit heats around 20m2 using 100m of pipe.

There are two methods of installation when it comes to hydronic floor heating.

In Slab, when the pipe is installed within the structural slab and in-screed when it is installed on top of the structural slab in a topping slab.

In-Screed uses a pipe positioning insulation board which assists it to use less gas and to heat and cool quicker.

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