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Underfloor Heating for Home Extensions Adelaide | Dowling Homes

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Do you want to know more about underfloor heating?

We’re installing underfloor heating for a beautiful polished concrete slab.

Dan’s on site with our underfloor heating expert. Watch the video to learn more about how it works and the advantages for your home.

Home Extensions Adelaide are our specialty and we’ll also take care of the renovating that so often goes with adding space to your home.

Thanks for watching.

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Here’s a transcription of the video:

Hi everyone. Dan here from Dowling Homes, Project Manager, and welcome to my first video here on this project at Semaphore.
We’re one day away from the concrete slab being poured and I thought “What more could you want in a luxury build like this than a polished concrete slab?” I’ll tell you what – a polished concrete slab with underfloor heating throughout the slab.

But rather than myself talk you through that, I’ve got Steve here from Classic Underfloor Heating and he’s going to talk you through this process as to when this goes into the slab, how it’s applied and what it can do for your slab.

Steve – In slab heating is an ideal form of heating for a new build or extension. It’s a total heat source for the home; you’ll find we often refer to it as a central heating system for your home. You have the luxury of warm feet, but it will also hold the air temperature in your home at a constant 24 degrees or whatever you desire. It’s very economical to run. It runs on an off peak system so we’ll hook this system up to an off peak power supply and running on off peak gives you the benefit of a cheaper tariff power rate utilising the concrete slab as a heat bank which will then hold that heat for 24 hours a day and radiate that into your home, holding at a constant usually at around 24 degrees or whatever you desire.

We install the floor temperature sensor in the floor – so the system runs off of a floor temperature sensor which tends to eliminate any bouncing in the temperature, holding your home at a constant temperature.

The systems are monitored during the concrete pour to ensure there’s no damage. We’ll work closely with Dowling Homes to ensure that the system survives the concrete pour and that everyone achieves the results we are looking for.
It’s fantastic in the fact that it will keep that floor warm. You can have almost any floor finish over the top, this one being polished concrete, but tiles, all other floor finishes are fine with underfloor heating. In most instances it’s not put into bedrooms usually just the living areas. But for some instances, for the elderly or those that specifically want a heated bedroom, or the bedrooms in a cold part of the home; we’ll do bedrooms as well. We have systems that do bathroom floor heating, for the more instant or rapid response higher temperatures. So there’s really a solution for the whole home. Some people will then couple that with an air-conditioning instant heat. Others will use it as a standalone heating system.

Dan – So thanks to Steve and his team from Classic Underfloor Heating, they’re just packing up now, getting ready to finish for the day.

As I said, tomorrow we’ve got the slab being poured here, so I’m sure we’ll touch base in another few days with another video for you or some photos for our Facebook of what this magnificent slab is going to look like.

Thanks guys.

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