Natural Gas Home Heating Albany New York | 800-542-5552

Natural Gas Home Heating Albany New York | 800-542-5552
Natural Gas Home Heating Albany New York

Many homeowners enjoy the benefits and comfort with home heating with Natural Gas. Please call Main-Care Energy today at 800-542-5552 to learn about home heating with natural gas and other home heating options we offer such as propane gas, oil and kerosene.

In addition to home heating fuel we offer scheduled maintenance, emergency service and deliveries, our popular Price Protection Program and we also offer 24-hour service, seven days a week even on Holidays.

Our service that never sleeps is one of the many reasons Main-Care Energy is your preferred home heating supplier to the Albany New York area and beyond.

So call today Main Care Energy 800-542-5552 or online at

As we all know, New York is a cold place, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, it’s costly to keep our homes warm during these months, but there are alternatives to how we do that, and Main Care Energy specializes in providing those alternatives. Here at Main Care Energy, we specialize in providing all kinds of energy sources, including clean natural gas for home heating, a method that can be both more effective and less costly than electric heating. In fact, Main Care Energy is one of the largest Public Service Commission (PSC) Approved Suppliers in New York State, so we have plenty of experience in the field.

Natural gas is an effective means of keeping your home warm, and we offer all sorts of installation types for your home here at Main Care Energy. There are several plans to choose from that each provide different types of specialized natural gas home heating systems, based on what you value the most in your system or the features you want.

And of course, from estimation to completion, we pride ourselves on offering our services at a reasonable price that most everyone in Albany can afford, because no one should be unable to afford keeping their home warm, winter months or not. If you want to install a new means of heating your home in the house, we can do this for you quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, without costing you massive amounts of money.

Main Care Energy knows how important it is to keep your home warm at the most inexpensive rate you can, which is why we offer these services at the prices we do, and why we help homeowners install new means of heating their homes every single day here in Albany.

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Natural Gas Home Heating Albany New York

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