Hungary – Home Heating, Prosperity, Ecology

Hungary – Home Heating, Prosperity, Ecology
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Home heating is among the subjects being discussed at the
Environment for Europe Conference that began in Sofia, Bulgaria,
on Monday (23/10). Many cities throughout the former Eastern Bloc
still use a wasteful system introduced when energy was cheap and
conserving heat was not a priority. In the Hungarian capital, Budapest, the authorities have begun fitting regulators to radiators, allowing tenants to regulate their bills for the first time. Bela Doneth from
Hungary’s Ministry of the Environment says, if people’s economic
conditions improve, “public awareness of environmental problems
will be much better.”


WS apartment blocks in the Ujpest district of Budapest
Tilt up apartment blocks
CU radiator, slow zoom to control
Owner SOT (in Hungarian): “I am convinced that if flat owners are
carefully heating and taking control over their system, then it
gives them an opportunity to really save and not to let out the
heat through the windows.”
Flat owner walking towards radiator
GVs boiler house and old system
GVs large pipes etc
CU pipes
Tilt down from pipes to new system
Istvan Kovacsics, engineering consultant EGI Hungary, SOT (in
English): “If we really want to be a useful member of the european
Community, we really need to use the methodology which is
widespread there.”
Bela Donath, Ministry for the Environment, SOT (in English): “At
the moment, Hungary is having an economic problem and the cold
for the most people makes them not aware of environmental
problems. They have to fight for their survival, so they don’t
care for the environment. If their economic situation improved,
then I think they would care more for the environment.”
PULL-OUT from apartment block
GVs beauty shots of budapest
Shop fronts
Bridge over River Danube


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