How to Replace an Old Thermostat — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Replace an Old Thermostat — by Home Repair Tutor

How to replace an old thermostat: lower your utility bills with an effortless project!!

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Do you want to learn how to replace an old thermostat? Maybe yours is from 1970 and has seen better days (nothing against the 70s it produced Star Wars and the Godfather!!!)

Hi, I’m Jeff Patterson from Home Repair Tutor and this week’s video is about replacing your old thermostat with a new programmable version.

This is totally something you can do yourself and I wanted to share a few tips that have served me well.

The thermostat in this video isn’t expensive () and can be used for a heating & cooling system.

Two big tips I have would be

1. to use vise grips to hold the thermostat wires in place (so they don’t fall into the wall) and

2. to place some blue painter’s tape on the wall to collect drywall dust when you drill the holes for the thermostat base

Check out my video for all the details on how to replace an old thermostat

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I share several quick tips that a lot of people have found to be SUPER helpful.

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