DIY hot water floor heating system for home use

DIY hot water floor heating system for home use
DIY “Ondol heater for home use” is a self-assembly hot water heater system where it can be installed partial area in the room. Ondol heater heats the floor offering pleasant warmth.
– Partial installation enabled
– Easy assembly, easy temperature control
– Free of electromagnetic wave; customizable to individual needs realizing the Korean traditional Ondol
– Control system enabling easy temperature control and operation
Self-assembly hot water Ondol with 100% free of electromagnetic wave

– Anyone can easily install “Ondol Heater” / Ondol heating product geared to health and energy saving
– 9-12 hour timer
– Easy to adjust temperature by push buttons
– Quick hot water heating by two-line circulation pipe
– Temperature indication LED and turn-off function
– Water refill lamp and alarm
It has been reported that excessive exposure to electromagnetic wave may cause disorders of blood circulatory system, damage to gene, leukemia, brain tumor or breast cancer.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare had announced the guidelines to prevent risks of electromagnetic waves in 1996.
According to this Guidelines, pregnant woman should limit the use of computer for less than 20 hours a week, use of electric blanket or heater should be suppressed, a distance of at least 60 cm from a monitor should be kept, use of mobile phone should be kept as short as possible and electric products should be unplugged after use.

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