DIY 100sft Solar Water Heater Innovation for Home Heating Complete Video

DIY 100sft Solar Water Heater Innovation for Home Heating Complete Video
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We have almost concluded the series of experiments with bigger innovative absorber panel for home heating innovation DIY. The innovative black pipe absorber panel shall reduce the cost of home heating to a bare minimum. Our trail work with this immensely large panel 100 sft with 100m black pipe roll is finished. We have observed dramatic improvement on efficiency with the larger panel almost equal to the normal GI pipe and plate solar with 3/4 of the panel size. The gain was almost 33c form lowest ambient air temperature of 2.8C . This is our 3rd day of experiment with approximately 3 hours of good sunshine in Kathmandu Jan-16 2012. And we are very happy to make the announcement for our future runs and improvements on the insulation of the panel and other things. This would be a big milestone on the very simple DIY innovation with black pipe.
We shall publish other relevant details as soon as possible…with the comparative chart of temperature gain with normal plate solar of 3/4 panel size with same storage capacity in a week time.
We are taking advantage of the coldest time of the year to really know the merits of this work for everyone benefit. We are really encouraged by the results of its performance. We have found manifold efficiency from our earlier circular panel of smaller dimensions.
We are sure this shall help to conserve energy to the extreme at every ones yard with few pennies.
We shall have one illustrative meeting with Nepal Travelers association in a week time to promote this solar around the trekking routes of Himalayan region. And we are also pretty sure to produce the hot water requirement for washing dishes of the restaurant around the trekking region at a very nominal cost. Eventually this should prove as a very useful tool to conserve green avoid deforestation around the globe to a very large extent.
Hope enthusiast shall train the layman at local level with DIY technology for a greater to improve their livelihood.
This work is an elaboration of our GE ecomagination entry
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