Am I Out Of Home Heating Oil? (908) 707-1776

Am I Out Of Home Heating Oil? (908) 707-1776
Am I Out Of Home Heating Oil? (908) 707-1776

Skylands Energy Service has Ed Miller discuss how to tell if you are out of oil in your tank. Ed explains why a simple bang on the tank actually won’t tell you about the oil level and how to check your level properly.

How do I check the oil level in my home tank?
Find your tank and see if there is an indicator on the side of the tank or on top of the tank the tells you the amount of fuel left inside. If you can’t find a gauge then open the lid and stick a board or some kind of rod down inside until you hit the bottom. Pull the stick or rod back up and see where the oil left a mark to approximate how much you have left.

How Long Will My Tank of Oil Last?

How long a tank or part of a tank of heating oil will last at a building depends on the following variables:
The size of the oil tank and how much oil can contain.

The setting of the room thermostat: Setting to a higher temperature makes a big increase in the rate at which heating oil will be consumed.

The outdoor temperature: Colder outside temperatures increase the rate of heating oil consumption if other factors listed remain unchanged. Because outdoor temperature varies widely during the day and season, oil companies use a better measurement, heating degree days (HDD), that describes the heating load that your heating system will have to meet.

Outdoor wind conditions: Wind significantly increases the rate of heat loss from a building, depending on building insulation and draftiness. Omitting wind consideration is a shortcoming of simplistic use of HDD or heating degree days to figure heating load.

Building insulation level: How well your building is insulated is a major factor in determining its rate of heat loss and thus its rate of heating fuel consumption.

Building air tightness: A drafty building loses heat significantly faster than a tight building, even if the drafty building is “insulated”.

Oil burner nozzle size in GPH (gallons per hour) of oil delivery: Oil burner nozzles deliver oil into the oil burner combustion chamber in a very fine spray to aid in combustion. Every oil fired heating appliance includes a data plate that includes the range of oil burner nozzle sizes or flow rates that will work properly for that appliance.

Oil burner cycling rate: It’s a bit more subtle, but most heating systems take a few minutes after start-up to reach peak operating efficiency. So if your heating oil burner is turning on and off rapidly (short cycling) you are wasting energy and the controls may not be set properly.

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