2016-17 Home Heating Oil Prices

2016-17 Home Heating Oil Prices

Price Protection

2016-17 Home Heating Oil Prices

This video discusses this year’s winter forecast and the pricing of home heating oil for the Winter season.

In this video we discuss the following questions:
* Do you have any early indicators on what the price of oil may be this year, compared to what we say last year?
* If consumers are concerned about rising prices, what can they do to hedge their bets?
* Can you explain what price protection is?
* Automatic fuel delivery explained.

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SOS Xtreme Comfort delivers home heating oil to Warwick, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe, New City and surrounding towns in Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties in NY; Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in NJ; and Pike County, PA.

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