2015 Home Heating Oil Prices in PA : RF Ohl

2015 Home Heating Oil Prices in PA : RF Ohl
2015 Home Heating Oil Prices in PA : RF Ohl

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This video interview is with Steve Ohl, the President of R.F. Ohl, a local Leighton, PA fuel delivery company that specializes in home heating oil, propane and off-diesel fuel delivery throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. In this interview we will be discussing the following topics:

* The history of R.F. Ohl and how the Ohl family started delivering heating oil
* The price of oil today vs last year
* Projections of oil prices for the remainder of the heating season
* What is causing the price of crude oil to remain so low?
* Whether or not the low price of oil has any negative impact on the industry and fuel delivery companies like R.F. Ohl

R.F. Ohl prides ourselves in delivering great service for our customers. We are a family run business built on strong core values and are a heating equipment installation company that you can trust. Contact R.F. Ohl to experience the best service in the industry. Our customers have come to rely on our 24/7 live customer service. They know they can trust the professional, local HVAC company in R.F. Ohl.

Visit our showrooms at:
R.F. Ohl
400 Interchange Rd
Lehighton, PA 18235
(610) 377-1098

R.F. Ohl
2625 Rt 115
Effort, PA 18330
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Visit us on our social platforms:
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/RF_Ohl
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3yXwPjcmP5xHidivNff_Ag


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